Inlec Engineering Australasia Pty Ltd

Inlec Engineering Australasia has been providing hazardous area consultancy services since 1994.


Inlec's Manager – Alan Wallace - has over 30 years post graduate experience in the Australian Oil and Gas, Petroleum Refining, and Petrochemical industries. Experience is related to both onshore and offshore facilities. His expertise in the area of Hazardous Area electrical installation is recognised by his membership of Standards Australia Committees EL14 and MS11.


Services include:


  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Hazardous Area Electrical Design
  • Hazardous Area Auditing
  • Hazardous Area Inspection
  • Hazardous Area Consulting
  • Conformity Assessment Documents and Statements of Opinion


All work is performed by professionals holding the relevant competency to AS/NZS4761 and/or IECEx CoPC scheme.




Phone: +61 8 9313 5678




PO Box 29

Bull Creek                                                                                                                       

Western Australia 6149